We love our differences.
It breeds disagreements, divergent opinions and conflicts but the result is always brilliance.


Vinod Nair Managing Director

Vinod got into advertising 35 years ago inspired by Bill Bernbach. However, it was his association with the late Mr. Deepak Gera, that helped him gain so much more. Vinod has travelled an interesting journey from being an employee to owning the agency that he so admired. He is the cultural custodian of Network, encouraging and motivating people to punch way above their weight. A very passionate human being he dives in whole-heartedly into everything he does.



Murli stumbled into advertising 30 years ago, but found it a perfect fit as he went along. He believes it is the only industry that keeps people young and well-rounded. He is a big fan of Mohd. Rafi, and indulges in Cooking and Photography in his free time. He has spent over 25 years at Network guiding it to become the powerhouse that it is.


Shayondeep Pal Chief Creative Officer

Shayon is a roadie and a big-time movie buff. But at the top of his list comes a passion for advertising. Hailing from the national capital, he is constantly inspired by the past work of some of India’s greatest ad folk. He claims his advertising career is a thought-through accident, but his work reflects his immense love for brands, having created path-breaking communication across the country.



Apple fanatic, avid reader, and die-hard strategist. Sunit has spent over 20 years with Network providing category-defining solutions to brands. Coming from the Bill Bernbach school of thought, he believes in the immense power of ideas. And he adores Network because it respects both – people and ideas.


Priya Jacob President - Media

Priya may look unassuming, but she is one of the major reasons why Network is a media powerhouse. She says she was ‘born’ in Network and has spent more than 2 decades here. Priya’s philosophy to work is a reflection of her humble personality – to simplify, de-jargonise, be rooted and be practical. She feels Network enables a culture of respect, which is why she has stayed with it for so long.


Amit Ray Media Advisor to MD

With 31 years in advertising Amit is a veteran in advertising. He was also Jt. Chairman at MRUC, that founded IRS - the largest readership survey in the world. His interests range from football to neuroscience, but his biggest passion is altruism. It tells in his love for brands as well, bringing to the table, a deep understanding of problems, with serious empathy to match.

Network_Advertising_Sr. Creative_Director_Pervin_Bhesania

Pervin Bhesania Sr. Creative Director

Pervin believes she is a dreamer by choice, and hence a writer by default. She is so passionate about her writing, that it lists as her top 3 interests, followed by cooking. What she loves about Network is that even in a cut-throat industry, there are lovely people with whom she can learn about respect, loyalty, freedom and discipline.


Rajen Joshi Executive Creative Director

Rajendra or Rajen for short, has spent over 25 years at Network. In his own words, his foray into advertising was “a natural progression from love for art to making commercial use of it.” What has kept him at Network this long is the simplicity of its ethos, and the honesty of people he works with. Rajen is a no-nonsense creative professional who puts the brand first with a laser-sharp focus.


Komal Ranjan Group Creative Director

Komzie. Kamakazie. Koko. KD. Komal goes by different names to different people. But she’s the same brilliant creative person below all that. She adores Daisaku Ikeda, Japanese Buddhist philosopher, and loves travelling and theatre. She has spent 13 years in advertising, and has worked at several agencies, before realizing Network is the one. Simply by dint of the value it adds to the world of her clients, as much as hers.


Bimal Nair Consultant - Strategy

Bimal is a strategist by profession, but a realist at heart. It reflects in his choice of evolving interests - “it was stamps then, and brands now.” He has been with Network for about 4 years and feels that one can learn every aspect of advertising here. With a guru in Lester Wunderman, Bimal believes that one must find out what they are first, to be good at it.


G V K Samson Vice President - Client Services

Samson has spent 20 of his 25 years in advertising at Network. Attracted to the business after watching ‘Dream Merchants’ on TV, he shifted to Mumbai after his higher studies. He believes Network doesn’t have a ‘Prima Donna’ culture which is what makes it so special. Samson loves basketball and says he would have been a professional player had he not joined advertising.

Network_Advertising_Sr. VP_Client_Services_Shilpa Kamat

Shilpa Kamath Sr. Vice President - Client Services

Shilpa is a passionate Baker. She’s also one of the most passionate brand specialists in the business. With a rich experience spanning 21 years, this is her second stint at Network. She feels it is one of the few agencies she can call home. She adores some of the brightest creative minds, and is a strong believer that the creative process can help deliver powerful business solutions.


Sanju Radhakrishnan Business Head - Digital

Sanju loves his biking and is a diehard fitnesss enthusiast. He is also a digital maverick who believes in charting his own course as he goes along. Having run his own agency at one point of time, he has switched from being a vendor partner of Network, to being a part of the system, having been impressed with their approach to clients and brands.

Network_Advertising_Sr. VP_Client_Services_Hemal_Bhuptani

Hemal Bhuptani Sr. Vice President - Client Services

Hemal is a Marathoner and a big Federer fan. It probably reflects in his approach to the business as well, where he is ever ready to play the long game. In his own words, he joined Network because it gives him the freedom and confidence to try new things. His spirit for exploring new things makes him the perfect asset as a Digital expert.

Network_Advertising_VP_Digital_Operations_Vishank Barda

Vishank Bharda Vice President - Digital Operations

Vishank didn’t get into advertising by accident. He has a degree in it and has spent 9 years following his passion. He believes Network is an agency where communication is coaxed out of you – to connect you with every department within the system, and between individuals as well. Vishank loves social sciences, and is deeply interested in mythology as well.


Jayesh Tanna General Manager-Digital Studio

Jayesh has travelled a wonderful journey, from being a photo type-setter in the heydays of advertising to who he is today. Over the last 20 years, which were also spent at Network, he has evolved his skill-set to keep up with the times. Jayesh believes that Network can find solutions to practically every problem, and thinks its biggest strength is the freedom it offers to work and express oneself.


Robert Dbritto Executive Vice President - Finance

Robert calls his advent into advertising a happy accident. His work though, is anything but that. Handling the very complex world of finance balancing the agency’s interests while ensuring tax friendly structures for its employees, means Robert is by far one of the busiest people in the organization. In between, he does steal time for his favourite interests – cricket and travelling.

Network_Advertising_Sr. Manager_Language_Services

K P Vinayan Senior Manager - Language Services

Vinayan is someone who has spent the last 25 years in advertising, mastering languages. His versatility allows him to help negotiate cultural barriers and help brands perform better across markets. He joined Network 13 years ago after having seen a number of agency cultures. And he stuck with Network, inspired from Day 1, with their openness and ability to work as one. Vinayan is an ardent theatre fan.