We don’t peddle ads.
We create solutions that may have zero profit for us,
but great value for our brands.


Bringing together brilliant minds,
diverse specialisations, under one roof and encouraging them to think as one.
It’s just the culture.


When it stops being their briefs,
and our ads,

When their needs become ours,
When we become partners, not vendors,
That’s when you make a difference.


We are what we create.
And we’re only as good as our last creation. This keeps us grounded, real and ready for more.

Proud member of TAAN. A partnership that leverages global expertise to deliver hyper-local solutions.

We love our differences.
It breeds disagreements, divergent opinions and conflicts but the result is always brilliance.


Vinod Nair Managing Director

From leader to thought leader, Vinod has spent 35 years in the business, guiding both brands and people, and is still going strong.
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Vinod Nair Managing Director

Vinod got into advertising 35 years ago inspired by Bill Bernbach. However, it was his association with the late Mr. Deepak Gera, that helped him gain so much more. Vinod has travelled an interesting journey from being an employee to owning the agency that he so admired. He is the cultural custodian of Network, encouraging and motivating people to punch way above their weight. A very passionate human being he dives in whole-heartedly into everything he does.



Murli stumbled into advertising 30 years ago, but found it a perfect fit as he went along. He believes it is the only industry that keeps people young and well-rounded. He is a big fan of Mohd. Rafi, and indulges in Cooking and Photography in his free time. He has spent over 25 years at Network guiding it to become the powerhouse that it is.


Shayondeep Pal Chief Creative Officer

Shayon is a roadie and a big-time movie buff. But at the top of his list comes a passion for advertising. Hailing from the national capital, he is constantly inspired by the past work of some of India’s greatest ad folk. He claims his advertising career is a thought-through accident, but his work reflects his immense love for brands, having created path-breaking communication across the country.



Apple fanatic, avid reader, and die-hard strategist. Sunit has spent over 20 years with Network providing category-defining solutions to brands. Coming from the Bill Bernbach school of thought, he believes in the immense power of ideas. And he adores Network because it respects both – people and ideas.


Priya Jacob President - Media

Priya may look unassuming, but she is one of the major reasons why Network is a media powerhouse. She says she was ‘born’ in Network and has spent more than 2 decades here. Priya’s philosophy to work is a reflection of her humble personality – to simplify, de-jargonise, be rooted and be practical. She feels Network enables a culture of respect, which is why she has stayed with it for so long.


Amit Ray Media Advisor to MD

With 31 years in advertising Amit is a veteran in advertising. He was also Jt. Chairman at MRUC, that founded IRS - the largest readership survey in the world. His interests range from football to neuroscience, but his biggest passion is altruism. It tells in his love for brands as well, bringing to the table, a deep understanding of problems, with serious empathy to match.

We walk the path we choose.
That is the freedom afforded to us, by being an independent entity. We are all in this. As one.